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Jessecca Miller

Agency Co-Owner

Meet Jessecca Miller, the dynamic co-owner of Miller Insurance Agency. Armed with a license since 2008, Jessecca is the heartbeat of the agency, admired and adored by a legion of fiercely loyal clients. A true insurance concierge, she transforms policies into personalized experiences. Efficiency and organization are her middle names, and she thrives on perpetual activity. With Jessecca as their partner, clients not only get quality coverage, but also a tailored experience infused with her unparalleled energy and dedication.

Justin Miller

Agency Co-Owner

Justin Miller, co-owner of Miller Insurance Agency, has been a licensed insurance agent since 2007. With his love and aptitude for technology, Justin is the tech whiz who seamlessly blends the agency's insurance expertise with today's digital marketplace. Whether deciphering the latest industry tech trends or ensuring every policy detail meets his standards, Justin's dedication to precision and attention to detail sets the standard for excellence at Miller Insurance Agency.

Nix Miller

Chief Marketing Officer

Say hello to Nix Miller, the prodigious Chief Marketing Officer at Miller Insurance Agency. Despite being just 11 years old and navigating the world of 5th grade, Nix is the brains behind the agency's marketing magic. Endowed with a sharp intellect and a strong creative spark, Nix weaves marketing strategies with the finesse of a seasoned professional. When he's not crafting campaigns, you can find him channeling his creativity into impressive drawings and mastering the art of video editing—a true wunderkind in the making.


Agency Sleep Specialist

As the Agency Sleep Specialist, Betty's expertise lies in turning the workday hustle into moments of extreme relaxation... ensuring that everyone at MIA gets a daily dose of rejuvenation and stress relief.


Agency Security Officer

With a nose for suspicion and a hair-trigger bark, Charlie takes his role as Agency Security Officer all too seriously. Whether it's a noisy printer or a ringing doorbell, Charlie makes certain that no potential threat goes unnoticed.
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